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Energy for your idea

We support you from the beginning.
Together we will transform your idea into the digital solution that suits your needs.
From the corporate website to the complex platform, your idea can become your reality.

Your Platform

We develop complex software solutions such as management software, articulated platforms, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), Web Applications. We will help you understand the difference between the many technologies available and we will clearly and transparently identify for you the solution that best suits the needs of your business.
From the architectural design of your solution, to development, testing and support: from the migration of your existing product to a new one technology to the launch of your successful solution on the market, we are ready to help you.

In the image, the brand-less representation of a management software in production, developed for a company in the trade sector.
Your Website

A website is not just a way for customers to reach your business. Your image on the web must be representative of the values ​​that make your business unique.
We help you identify the type of website that best suits yours needs.
We take care of everything: starting from the technological choice, up to the design, development and creation of innovative designs to allow you to stamp your signature on the web.
To follow you at 360 degrees we also collaborate with marketing and communication specialists to help you choose your business name, logo, and the most effective communication strategies.
We develop your site, We develop your brand, and we make it known to your future customers.

In the image, the SPILLOProject website developed for a company operating in the sector of computational chemistry.
Project for the Full-Stack development of a tailor-made CMS.
Your App

We build web-based mobile applications using the latest technologies for web development. Web technologies allow the creation of PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) that can also be installed on mobile devices, which allow you to obtain a native-like experience with more affordable development costs and more complex, fluid and customized graphical interfaces.
A PWA does not meet your needs? We will be able to analyze your specific needs with you and we will adopt the solution that best suits your needs, such as an application built with native technologies or Xamarin Forms.

In the image, the mobile app InflueXpert, available on the Stores. Developed with our Partner DevLab Technologies.

Our Company

Twenty years of experience at the service of innovation

Aesse Service

Since 2000, Aesse Service S.r.l. is proposed as a reference point for all the companies and/or end users, who wish to have a single, reliable, technically prepared interlocutor to tackle any technical and/or commercial challenge in the field of information technology.

Aesse Service S.r.l., offers consultancy, develops projects, and supplies hardware and software. It performs on-site interventions and at its service center, and is able to guarantee its customers qualified telephone support.

Data Recovery

Thanks to the experience gained and the proprietary techniques in use, Aesse Service is positioned as a leader in the Data Recovery market in Italy. Aesse Service Srl guarantees all customers constant and timely support for the entire duration of the work.

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In 2020 the BAMBOO division was born, with the aim of accompanying the customer in a world of constant transformation, using the most recent technologies implemented in innovative solutions.

BAMBOO was born from the need to offer a 360-degree service within the creation of software solutions, following the customer starting from the analysis of requirements up to planning, design, development and production of the solution.

At BAMBOO we aim to offer light, resilient, flexible solutions with a particular focus on design, usability and the study of innovative strategies.

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